Heart Envelopes

We’ve started preparing for Valentines and what’s better then a home made craft from your kids?  Not much.  I love when the girls make me things at school, even the simplest note makes my day so I had the daycare gang make these beautiful paintings for their parents.

WP_20140210_001 WP_20140210_002


I started by giving the kids a tray with paint, a sponge and a heart shaped piece of paper.   I used blue, red, and white paint so they could see what happened after mixing them together.  Each piece ended up being different as some mixed the paints more, some used their hands and the one above only painted one side so we folded it over for a nice symmetrical look.  After the paint dried I signed their names and folded them into envelopes.

To fold: start by folding the round parts to the middle, then fold over the rest of top to the middle, fold again and you’re left with only the point- fold it again and seal the envelope with a sticker.

WP_20140211_001 WP_20140211_002 WP_20140211_004 WP_20140211_005

Pretty cute, with a nice surprise inside!