Activities for budding Veterinarians

In conjunction with our love and bucket filling activities of the past few weeks we recently did a caring for animals theme.  We set up an animal hospital and took turns being doctors and patients, bandaged paper animals and did a simple matching game.

Animal Hospital Sign

As a team the kids decorated their own sign for the hospital.  I laid out a large piece of paper with crayons and markers and then I added the final touch (which is animals cut out from my old telus calendar).

WP_20140224_001 WP_20140224_002


Animal Hospital

This was a lot of fun.  We hung up our sign and everyone was so proud.  Next we set up a few chairs for the waiting room and a small table covered in a sheet with a pile of tools set beside.  Everyone wore one of my collared shirts as their lab jacket.  We then got to work checking out all the animals and applying real band aids where needed.

WP_20140225_004 WP_20140225_003 WP_20140225_005


For my girls who can read and write I made pretend forms for the doctors to fill in and a clip board to work on.  Next time I think I will give them a list of medical terms so they can fill the forms properly and of course learn how to spell the words.



Bandage Craft

This was lots of fun for the kids and great exercise for their little hands.  I found some animal colouring pages at activity village  and then put some Xs to mark the spot where the bandages were needed, I also gave them tiny stickers to put on the bandages.




Matching Activity

For this I quickly drew an animal and again marked it with Xs but this time I drew band aids on the surrounding paper and had the kids draw lines to link them.




Have fun!