Happy Valentine’s

I don’t over do the holidays around here but it is fun to do a little something.  We’ve worked on a few activities and will be having a special pink meal for dinner, and since I’m done work early we will likely fit in some skating at our local park, nice and simple.

Valentine’s Sensory Experience/Pretend Sundaes

So for this activity you’ll need a deep container, shaving cream, jello powder (or food colouring) and any left over sprinkles you can find.  A few hours/night before fill your container with the shaving cream and jello powder- mix and freeze.  The mixture will look like ice cream and smell fruity.  I set out a few little dishes of left over sprinkles and candy hearts and gave each child a dessert bowl and spoon.  Then let them scoop and create, mix, smell and possibly feel.  The kids had a blast mixing their concoctions and cheersing each other.

WP_20140212_001 WP_20140213_001 WP_20140213_003

Eyedropper Art

Cut some coffee filters into a heart shape, colour all over with markers and then use an eye dropper and water to create the effect shown below.  It’s fun to see the colours mix and bleed together and if you hang them in the window they make beautiful sun catchers.  It is also a great fine motor activity for the little ones.



Easy Beaded Necklace

For a quick quiet time activity I set up a little necklace making station.  I cut some length of wool and knotted one side and taped the other to make it easier for stringing, put out a little pile of beads and then let the kids get to work.  It made a really cute gift for mom and they got to work on their patterning and fine motor skills.



Pink Valentines Meal

I made this for yesterday’s daycare lunch and it was a hit and so I will be repeating it for my own girls tonight.  I made pink apple sauce, pancakes and yogurt- and no its not food colouring.

To make the apple sauce peel and core about 6 apples (use a variety) and cut into chunks- then heat on med with just enough water to cover them till they are soft.  Next add a handful of berries- I used frozen but I imagine fresh would be ok too.  Let the mixture sit long enough for the berries to thaw then strain off the excess water and mash.

For the pancakes I just replaced some of the liquids from my favourite recipe with shredded beet (about 1 med beet for a double batch of pancakes).  Unfortunately after they have cooked the colour seems to fade, but the inside is still pretty pink.

Lastly for the yoghurt I mixed some frozen berries with plain yoghurt.  To serve it I layered the three items as shown below.

The picture doesn’t do the meal justice- it really was a pretty pink sight and tasty too!

WP_20140213_010 WP_20140213_013


Happy Valentine’s Day!