Super Heroes

Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?

We recently had march break and I wanted to do an activity which would interest all the age groups that would be in my super heroes.  Though I don’t think the youngest have had any exposure to super heroes I figured the activities would interest them none the less.

Hero Mask

WP_20140312_022 WP_20140312_023

For this I free hand drew some mask shapes on poster board and had the children decorate with stickers and markers.  Once they were done we tied a ribbon to each end so that they could wear them around the house.

WP_20140310_001 WP_20140310_002 WP_20140310_003

Hero Wrist Cuffs

WP_20140312_002 WP_20140312_003 WP_20140312_005

I have tons of leggings with holes which cannot be fixed so I chop the bottom part of the leg and save it for crafts such as this.  You could also use old socks or toilet rolls.

Their first attempts were either just blobs of paint or a copy of the one I did (red) but once they started their seconds they really took their time and planned their designs.  I haven’t seen my girls so engrossed in a craft in quite a while so I guess I finally nailed it with this one.