Happy Year of the Horse

Chinese New Year

This is my first time celebrating Chinese New Year, I’ve heard people in the past state which animal they are from the Chinese Zodiac but that was about it.  I grew up in a small town which was pretty culturally barren and so I hadn’t learned much about it till now.  My children are celebrating at school and have been in preparation all week so I figured I’d do a little research and celebrate with the children in my daycare.

We’ve kept it pretty simple by focusing the celebration on craft making and we’ll have a special snack after school.

Chinese Lantern

This is a simple but fun craft and of course a beautiful decoration for the celebration.  Take a piece of construction paper and fold it long ways- then mark cut lines.  Have the kids decorate the paper and cut on the lines.  Open it up and create a tube shape with the cuts running top to bottom, staple or tape the tube together and attach a strip of paper/string/pipe cleaner at the top for a handle.  Mine is pretty simple but you could add stickers or glitter to really make it shine.

WP_20140128_002 WP_20140128_001



Fans are always fun to make, I often find them all over the house.  Take a piece of paper and fold about 1″ over, turn the paper over and fold again, continue folding/flipping/folding till you reach the end of the paper.  Now gather the paper at one end to create a fan shape and either staple or tape it together.  We put stickers on our fans once done but really you could decorate them with anything, watercolour painting I imagine would look beautiful.   (My daughter chose Dora stickers- not really Chinese New Year material but it is her fan)


WP_20140130_004 WP_20140130_003


Cardboard Fancy Horse

For this craft I used old cereal box and did my best to free hand a horse shape.  After cutting them out for the kids I set up a grouping of shiny/sparkly things from our craft cupboard (jewels, feathers, ribbons etc).  I also hole punched a spot for a tail and used this sparkly gold floss (I tripled up on the floss and then tied it to the horse).  I think they turned out really well, even my unhappy crafter couldn’t stop decorating this one.


WP_20140129_001 WP_20140129_002


We also did some coloring pages and puzzles found over at Activity Village and they have a great description of Chinese New Year for those of us new to the event, plus tonnes of other ideas.

Happy Year of the Horse!