Spa at home with the kids

Awhile back I was invited to a spa night with the girls.  My friend arranged her home to have little stations through out where one could do a facial, mani/pedi etc, she dimmed all the lights and we made our way around while chatting and relaxing.  It was lots of fun and turned out to be a well needed relaxation session for myself.

I’ve done the girls nails before and we’ve experimented with scrubs and such but never have we combined it all for one special hang out.  I thought it was time so I adapted my friends idea and being march break we didn’t need to worry about how late it went or how much mess it made.



We didn’t get too fancy but thought I’d give it a bit of a grown up feel for the girls-hence the candles.

Shown above is our mask (plain yoghurt and oats), and a foot/hand scrub (white sugar, safflower oil and a few drops essential oil), and my gel eye mask (recently refrigerated).  Everything is really easy to make and you likely have it at home, which is what I was going for.  To make your own items just combine the ingredients listed till you get your desired consistency.  I wanted to show my girls that you don’t need make up and expensive store bought products that are harmful to ourselves and the planet, its just as fun with household ingredients.   They both noticed how soft their skin was after the treatments and how it actually healed some of their chapped skin.


(you might be wondering what’s with her eyes?  I allowed them to put on temporary tattoos for March break, these ones give them a cat eye look)


I also filled a large pot with warm water and essential oil to soak our feet in.

We sat in a circle and soaked/relaxed and laughed.


Natural Cleansing Regime

Shampoo Free

Over the last few years I’ve decided to start giving myself and my interests a bit more of my attention. I’ve always been interested in environmental issues whether it be concerning a specific natural resource or our world as a whole.  Lately I’ve decided to focus on things I can do at home.

Last year I decided to go shampoo free, here are my reasons;

  • I don’t like putting all sorts of ingredients on my body, most of which I have no idea what they are
  • Natural products are expensive and often still contain ingredients harmful to the environment, plus I didn’t like how my hair felt after trying a few
  • I have a real desire to home make as much of what my family needs as possible and shampoo was an easy place to start

I started by only washing a few times per week, using baking soda and a little water to make a paste.    It feels very strange at first but after a few times you grow accustomed to it.  To condition I used a mixture of half vinegar half water.  I used this combination for about six months.  It was going well but I started to notice that my hair didn’t need washing nearly as often and so I decided to go with just water.  It has been about 6 months now that I have used nothing in my hair but water.   I rinse my hair with water every few days and it has never looked or felt better, plus it feels great to think that my showers don’t add extra chemicals to our water system or my body and I’m saving money!!


Honey Face Wash

Since my hair has been doing so well chemical free why not try some other body parts.   While visiting another blog I came across the idea of using honey on my skin.  Simply place a little blob of honey on a wet face cloth and gently massage the face and neck, rinse as usual.  I’ve been following this with safflower oil, which I also use on my body as a moisturizer and often rub whatever is left on my hands through my hair.

Honey also works great when mixed with baking soda as a natural scrub.

This too has given me great results, my face is shiny and the little rosacea that I had is gone.

Why not give it a try, the earth and your body will thank you!!!