Have you filled a bucket?

A few years back I purchased the book Have you filled a bucket today? by Carol McCloud and I loved it.  It really helped my girls to understand how our actions can positively/negatively effect others and themselves by their actions.  When I feel attitudes are getting out of hand I’ll pull the book out for a reading.  After Valentines day I decided we would continue learning about love and good feelings by focusing on this book and some related activities.

Fill a Bucket Painting

I drew a bucket for the children and gave everyone some paint and flower/star/heart sponges and stampers- we then filled the buckets with love and talked about things we can do to fill the buckets of our family and friends.

WP_20140219_002 WP_20140219_005


Colour Matching Happy/Sad Faces

For this activity I cut out eyes/nose/mouth of different colours and had the children match the correct coloured features, it was their decision if the face was to be happy or sad.  It was fun matching the colours and placing the facial features in the correct spots.


WP_20140219_004 WP_20140219_006


Have you filled a bucket today?