Taking the time

Taking the time


I’ve written in the past that life was getting really hectic and I didn’t feel that I was able to accomplish all that needed to be done.  It made me feel pretty low and in some ways I sort of stopped trying.  No more morning smoothies, no more morning work out, lots and lots of coffee and lots and lots of headaches.  I of course as many of you give myself way to much to do and have too high expectations.  Put some aside, we don’t need to be super woman.   I seem to have been pulled out of this abyss and think it has to do with spending some quality time with my little ones in nature.  Last week we biked to the river and I really had a chance to feel free, feel lighter, all my chores and to do lists melted away and I truly was able to just enjoy the moment.  After linking the two I decided to return for another dose of health and happiness provided by the outdoors.  Watching my girls play, climb trees and laugh was so healing as was watching the almost magical effect the sun has on the leaves floating down from the trees.

I am a very lucky person when it comes to getting outdoors, I spend a few hours outdoors everyday but failed to really slow down and enjoy it.  Today while sitting in the sun and picnicking with the daycare babies I truly felt blessed, I am not a religious sort as I don’t follow any particular religion but being outdoors really does feel spiritual.

If you can’t get out as often as I do I would strongly suggest taking a small walk everyday to a spot closest to being natural you can find, it may be a park, or treed path, anywhere that you can unwind, feel the sun, listen to the wind/birds, watch critters scampering about.  It truly is necessary.

Apple Picking Yoga

Apple Picking Yoga

Well its been quite awhile since I’ve been on here, things have been busy again.  While the little ones nap I thought I’d attempt to show you a few things we’ve done lately.

I am not a certified yoga instructor so if you aren’t sure about the following don’t do it, but that being said the moves are very easy and taken from a children’s book.  We have been doing all things apple related and so I thought it would be fun to try some stretches and coordinate them with things you would see and actions you would do while apple picking.

Have the children spread out and play some relaxing music.  I made some very simplistic drawings for each of the poses I wanted to try, you could also find photos online.   For each pose I showed the children the card, asked them to tell me what it was and then I showed them the move.  Beside each card I’ve shown the coordinating picture from the book I used.

WP_20130919_006 WP_20130919_005 WP_20130919_004 WP_20130919_003 WP_20130919_002 WP_20130919_001


In addition to this I had the children pretend to reach way up and pick apples, then bend down to get the fallen ones.


I used the following book for inspiration, there is a pose for each letter of the alphabet with a little poem explaining the move.  My daughter loves this book and often pulls it out for her own independent relaxation.  A great way to get the kids stretching, building muscles and of course relaxing.



Ocean`s Breakfast Smoothie

Ocean`s Breakfast Smoothie


For a few years now my husband and I have been enjoying a green smoothie most days for breakfast.  It really helps us start our day right and is fast and delicious.  My daughters aren’t huge fans of the greenness of them and so together we created a smoothie they could enjoy.

Ocean`s favorite is banana, plain yogurt and honey but due to a recent explosion of eczema we’ve switched to a dairy free option and have added in some other ingredients to help out her skin;

  • banana
  • frozen/fresh berries
  • tbl hemp hearts
  • tbl flax oil
  • small portion of greens powder or handful of fresh greens (spinach etc)
  • unsweetened almond milk or plain yogurt (enough to get the blender moving)

You can adjust the amounts for personal taste and of course add in different fruits (avocado is great) or veggies (cucumbers are good in smoothies).


For the girl who only wants buttered toast in the morning this is a great addition to her breakfast, give it a try its pretty addictive.


Connected Parenting

Things have been very insane lately, such that I’m not sure how some people can juggle as much as they do and its had me rethinking my parenting style and career choice.  I am a stay at home mom with a daycare and yet I feel like I have no time for my own family.  My eldest daughter has been feeling very left out and has voiced it (as well as had many outbursts of rudeness) and my youngest has fought almost non stop with the 2.5 year old girl in my care.  It has left me drained, the house a mess and no one is happy.

Searching for help I’ve turned to a book found at my local library called Connected Parenting by Kolari.  It has helped a bit when I actually remember to use her technique, which she calls mirroring.  You basically mirror your child’s emotions and speak as if your in their shoes, once they’ve calmed down you can discuss consequences etc.  She recommends not devaluing their emotion even when the situation isn’t really important in our eyes (i.e. a younger child has knocked over their tower).

As I’ve mentioned my eldest has been pretty moody and unhappy and this book suggests perhaps I’ve given her too much freedom since I haven’t been taking the time to set the rules (as I’ve been splitting up the others fighting and attempted to keep the house running).

Here is an excerpt which has helped me;

“Children are happier and in a better mood and enjoy life more when their world is organized for them and they don’t have too much power.  When they don’t know what the limits are they are more likely to be miserable, ungrateful, testy and most important unhappy.’ p115

Anyhow, I will keep on trying.  Chores will have to wait and quality play time whenever it can be had will have to do.  I usually find when the girls are acting up its due to a need for more attention.

Summer Workout

Summer Workout

Last summer I worked really hard, mostly by doing a daily yoga routine I found in a magazine and lots of walking and biking with my girls, and by the fall I was looking pretty good and was maintaining a healthy weight.  I actually maintained it through most of the winter as well and then kinda forgot about it.  After bathing suit shopping I’ve decided it’s time to start making the time for myself again.

This year I’m trying something new and so far have had good results.   After only one week I’ve lost two pounds and am more toned almost everywhere.

Check it out here for all the info and videos of each move to see how to do them correctly http://skinnyms.com/3-equipment-free-workouts/

Do 3 circuits of each, resting for 2-3 minutes each

Day 1

Pushups x 10 reps

Chair squat x 12 reps

Jack-knife x 10 reps

Vertical Leg lifts x 20

Supermans x 12 reps

Day 2

Pushup crawl x 10 reps

Walking lunges x 20 reps

Side Planks x 30 seconds each side

Fire hydrants x 10 reps each leg

Day 3

Tricep Dips x 12 reps

Single-leg squat with leg raise x 10 per leg

Mason Twists x as many as you can perform in 60 seconds

Toe Taps x as many as you can perform in 60 seconds

Bird Dog x 10 per side


I’ve also started drinking water with a tbl of apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon every morning, I’ve heard that it helps with weight loss as well.


enjoy your summer