Squirrel Puppet and Colour Match Activity

Squirrel Puppet and Colour Match Activity 

To tie in with my last post and our weekly concentration on squirrels I quickly whipped up these two activities.  They literally took minutes to prep.

For the squirrel puppet take a toilet paper roll and cut into the top to make two little ears, draw on some eyes, nose and arms and glue a paper tail to the back.  This puppet is very simple you could of course do it up a bit more, perhaps a fabric/felt tail, paper or pipe cleaner arms, googly eyes etc.  There really are many options you can use.  If the children are older they can explore and design their own squirrel.  I made these for the 2 year olds in my care and so I did the cutting and drew the facial features, they quickly decorated with markers on their own.

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The colour match activity was also easy to prep, I quickly drew two squirrels (red and brown) with two baskets and cut out a few acorns of matching colours from left over scraps.  I discussed with the children the colours we were using and asked them to put the acorns in the corresponding basket (I pre glued the basket so the children could simply place their nuts in the correct spots).  To increase the difficulty add more colours to the sheet.  I was surprised how well the children did with this activity, even the little guy in my care who avoids table time activities enjoyed himself.

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I really love squirrels, they are so fun to watch.  They are such resourceful, busy, and amusing little animals.  This time of year I especially notice them (likely because the trees are all barren).  This week at my home we have been learning about squirrels, besides reading some library books and observing them in nature we have been doing the following…

Chocolate squirrel play dough


For this I used my usual cooked dough recipe but added chocolate powder, here is the recipe,

combine in a pot:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 2 tbl cream of tartar
  • few tbl of cocoa powder

add to the pot, and cook over med heat

  • 1 cup cold water
  • 1 tbl oil
  • usually a few tsp food colour but the cocoa made a nice brown colour on its own

keep stirring over med heat till a dough forms (3-5 mins), remove from the pot and knead until cool


On the table I placed our new cocoa dough and some acorns, pine cones and nut shells.

WP_20131118_004 WP_20131119_003 WP_20131119_005


Busy Squirrel Paper Craft

I pre-cut a side profile of a squirrel and a fat S shape for the tail, and provided the kids with glue, eyes, and a nut shell.  From there they glued all the parts on the correct spots.

WP_20131119_001 WP_20131118_005


Happy squirrel watching!!