No more rushed mornings

No more rushed mornings- a few easy things to add to your morning routine

Mornings at my house are crazy…  My eldest knows how to get onto the computer and tv and so if she gets up earlier than me she’s on them and has a hard time getting off, my youngest dreads going to school and is pretty slow at getting ready.  Put the two of those together and I find I’m force feeding them, dressing them and rushing them out the door- not to mention tonnes of yelling and arguing and sometimes missing the bus.

I decided to start fresh this new year and its been good.  I only added a few new things to our routine to make it easier and it really works.

  • make lunches in the evening- I plan a weekly menu and attempt to have some left overs either for my girls lunches or my daycare, I make their lunch as I’m cleaning up the dinner dishes
  • set out an outfit for each child the night before- if your kids are older I’m sure they could do this on their own- my girls are a bit overwhelmed with the amount of choices they have and so I do it
  • set out any dishes or food that doesn’t require refrigeration for breakfast- my girls have been on a Cream of Wheat kick and so I put out the pot, measuring spoon/cup, cereal, bowl and spoon
  • I wake up at least 15 minutes earlier then my girls- I use the time to pack their back packs, start cooking breakfast and do a little tidy up (in the past we all slept in way too long and it was stressful)
  • we also ensure to leave all hats, mittens, scarves, boots etc where they can easily be found in the morning
  • last we save tv and computer time for weekend mornings or in the evening- if the girls are dressed and done eating with spare time they are permitted to play in their room or do something creative at the table

As my girls get older I plan on delegating some of the above tasks to them- they are currently responsible for packing their communication log books and any library books or homework they have.

I spend a few extra minutes in the evening and wake up a bit earlier then I used to but its been way worth it, there are no more fights in the morning and no missed buses.

I hope these will help any of you dealing with the same crazed mornings of my past, if you have any great ideas for mornings please pass them back!


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