New Year

New Year

Well I’m back, after a rough December here I am.  It’s a New Year and instead of my usual new years resolution of losing weight I will be trying something new.  I have quite a few things I want to focus on this year but feel the word Purge covers them well.

I will be purging all things unnecessary- activities, material goods, emotional baggage, relationships etc.

This past year my family was so busy that I had to schedule in free time, I will continue to do this but also plan to not make so many commitments whether they are for extended family or friends alike.  The constant feelings of anxiousness due to our crazy busyness was getting to be too much.  I don’t want our lives to be full of rushing around, we rush all week for school and work, weekends should be about relaxing and being creative, thus the want to purge activities.

Here’s another one that is tough.  My background is environmental studies and I really want to teach my girls about making good choices when spending and that living with less is actually more, but our families are very generous.  My home is always overflowing with new goods/gifts and so I will be focusing on purging material goods.   Plus I’ve heard that clutter is not good for your health and I have to agree as I feel ill looking at the piles of things covering the surfaces of my home.  I usually donate our extra clothes and toys etc. to the Salvation Army and so at least our excess will benefit someone.

The hardest thing to purge will be relationships.  I’ve always had a hard time standing up for myself and often it takes years to sever unhealthy ties.  I hope to learn from my past mistakes and end things more quickly then usual.  I will choose to focus my energy on my closest family and friends instead.

Happy New Year!!  What New Years resolutions did you make?



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