Snow Day

Snow Day


We had our first snow day this week and my girls and I were thrilled (no rushing around to get ready for school and a whole day to enjoy the snow and each other).  Since I run a little home daycare I knew I would need to find some things to do to keep the whole gang busy and here are a few of the things we did besides roll around in the snow.

  • played in the snow
  • made a snowman
  • sled ride around the neighbourhood
  • played at the park (the slides are fast when full of snow)
  • shovelled the back yard
  • painted indoors
  • painted the snow

For our indoor painting I gave the children blue paper and white paint with pom poms and clothes pins as a brush (simply clip the pom pom with the clothes pin).  I asked the kids to paint snow falling everywhere.  This is a great activity for the little ones to work on their fine motor skills.


WP_20131127_005WP_20131127_004 WP_20131127_003


For our outdoor painting I prepared some paint by putting water and food colouring into some bottles from our recycling bin.  I had a spray bottle, some salad dressing bottles and a dish soap bottle.  The easiest for the kids to use ended up being the salad dressing bottles as they poured freely without much squeezing, the spray bottle was too hard with the big mittens.

WP_20131128_002 WP_20131128_009 WP_20131128_008 WP_20131128_010


It ended up being a great first snow day, hope there are many more!!  What special activities do you do when there is a no school bus day?


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