Tape Resist Artwork

Tape Resist Artwork


Over the years my girls and I have accumulated lots of nail polish and I’ve recently decided that we will not be using them on our nails any more.  Not feeling comfortable just throwing them out I knew we needed to find something to do with all of it and thus…tape resist artwork!!

I had a few dollar store canvases hanging around and some painters tape so we were completely ready to go, of course you could use other materials as well.  Shown above are our tape resist Christmas cards (made on poster board).

I cut thin strips from the tape and had the girls press them firmly all over their canvasses/card.  Once they were ready they painted each section with a different polish.  Wait till the paint is dry and remove the tape.  Its very easy and the polish leaves a nice smooth glossy finish.  My eldest loved the activity so much she continued on her own to make a pile of Christmas cards.  My only complaint is having to smell the nail polish.

WP_20131112_002 WP_20131112_001

WP_20131112_004 WP_20131112_003

Bored of your nail polish colours or just looking for a fun craft…give it a try, happy crafting!!


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