Fine Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

With winter coming I’ve really been trying to work on the toddlers fine motor skills, of course this is important for many reasons, my need to improve things is due to the fact that I will soon be dressing 4 toddlers for winter activities a few times each day and would like them to have some of these skills mastered.

So not only have we been practising doing zippers and putting on mittens and hats but we’ve been doing some of the following…

WP_20131105_008 WP_20131105_007 WP_20131105_006 WP_20131105_005

  • playing with play doh
  • coloring/glueing
  • putting small items into and out of little containers
  • using tongs to pick small items up
  • using stickers
  • painting with a variety of media
  • building with megablocks

If you have any tips please share!!



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