Owl Crafts

Owl Crafts

Toilet Roll Owl


We have been discussing nocturnal animals around the day care lately and so I pulled out this fast and fun owl craft.  Take a toilet roll, flatten and cut a chunk out of top to leave two horn shapes, then draw on a beak and eyes (if the children are older allow them to do this on their own).  Give the kids some paint, crayons, markers etc. and have them decorate the owls.    For older children it would have been fun to do a collage or have them decorate with other materials (feathers, sequins etc.).

Decorated Cut Out Owl

I also cut large owl shapes from brown paper and had the kids decorate as desired, here are a few pics of the ones my girls did.  Not shown are the ones done by the toddlers who scribbled lots of colours all over and glued on two huge googly eyes and a pre-cut triangle for the beak.

WP_20131107_006 WP_20131107_004 WP_20131107_003 WP_20131107_005

Hoot hoot aren’t they cute!!



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