Easy Salsa Dip for Kids

Easy Salsa Dip for Kids

Every once and awhile my daughter will ask for her grandmothers taco dip, unfortunately it’s time consuming and my other daughter doesn’t like it, so for special occasions I will whip it up but on the in between days we make this…



It’s very easy and the kids can help, my eldest helps grate the cheese and my youngest helps collect the ingredients and stir,

  • equal parts of plain yoghurt and pre made salsa (any heat you want, for my girls I use medium or mild)
  • enough shredded cheese to cover the top of the bowl  (your choice of cheese)
  • optional add a mashed or diced avocado

I serve this delicious dip with veggie sticks and tortilla chips, it makes a great after school snack or lunch.

WP_20131110_003 WP_20131110_002 WP_20131110_004


Happy dipping!!


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