Aura’s Birthday Party

Aura’s Birthday Party

My youngest daughter just turned 5, a month after her sister turned 7, not wanting the exact same party we came up with some more easy and fun ideas.

Butterfly Cake



Its not the best pic but here is Aura’s butterfly cake.  Its actually very simple to make, bake any cake you desire in a 9 x 13 pan.  Cut a 1″ strip off the 9″ side, this will be the body of the butterfly.  For the wings cut a X in the middle of the remaining cake, creating four triangles.  Set up the pieces on a tray, body in the center and arrange the triangles for wings with four points all connecting to the body at the same point.  Frost and decorate as you wish, I forget to pick up special candies for the cake but lucked out with some skittles from the girls halloween bags.

Balloon Activity


For this idea you will need a variety of little gifts/change and balloons.  For ours we got bouncy balls, dice, soft squirmy bugs, marbles, and coins.

Have someone open a balloon while you fill it with a variety of the aforementioned items, then fill with water, tie off and freeze.  Prep this ahead of time and then at the party have the children pick their balloon, cut off the balloon and let them try to get the items out.  You can supply tools such as hammers if the children are old enough, warm water and anything else which may help them to pry the block apart.

This would be a fun activity for the summer as well.

WP_20131101_004 WP_20131101_006 WP_20131102_036 WP_20131102_035


Hot Potato

This game is one my mother used to do for us every year.  She would purchase a few small gifts and wrap them in multiple layers of wrap, we would then sit in a circle and pass the gift around.  You can either sing a song or have someone play music, once the song is over or the music is paused the person holding the gift gets to unwrap a layer, whoever takes off the last layer of paper gets to keep the gift.

For Aura’s party I was able to get a few nice items from the dollar store, some puzzles, a slinky and an art kit.  The game was a hit.

Freeze Dance

This is another fun game, our crowd was a bit too young to get it but for older kids its a blast.  Someone controls the music again and when paused all dancers must freeze in their last position- if they move they are out.  The game ends when only one person remains.

For more ideas check out Ocean’s Party

Aura’s Birthday Breakfast

For everyone in my family I try to make a special breakfast or dinner of their choice, since their grandparents indulge their processed and packaged desires my only stipulation is that my meal for them be home made.  The girls often choose home made chicken nuggets and fries.  This year Aura requested old fashioned oatmeal and a smoothie.  I like to make my oatmeal with half water/half milk, it makes it nice and creamy, and for special occasions topped with a chocolate chip happy face.


Aura’s smoothie which turned out pink was a great addition to the oatmeal

  • 1 cup kefir or plain yogurt
  • 1 cup frozen cherries
  • 1 cup other frozen fruit (strawberries, mango etc.)
  • 1 tbl hemp seeds
  • 2 tsp green powder mix
  • 1 tsp flax oil
  • enough water to get the blender moving


Fun ideas for a birthday party.  Frozen goody bags, freeze dance and butterfly cake.




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