Pumped up Mac n Cheese

Pumped up Mac n Cheese


I recently purchased some organic whole wheat/flax mac n cheese as a treat for my girls (they love the original Kraft stuff but I don’t feel comfortable feeding it to them) and it was a flop.  Or I should say for my two lovers of processed food (my eldest and my husband) it was a flop, myself and my youngest enjoyed it.  Anyhow we had tons left over and knowing I couldn’t use it for lunches or another dinner I decided to pump it up and share it with my daycare kids who for the most part have not tried many processed foods and so haven’t created aversions to their healthier versions.

Take your left over mac n cheese and add in the following

  • baby spinach (handful which I cut up small with scissors)
  • tomatoes 2 med diced
  • grated marble cheese- about a handful

put it all in a pan and reheat over med heat 

The daycare gang loved it, so much so that they enjoyed multiple helpings.

Quick and easy!!


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