More Halloween

More Halloween

We’ve been celebrating Halloween all week, here are a few more things we’ve been up to.

Egg Carton Ghosts

WP_20131029_004 WP_20131029_005

-cut up egg cartons, gather some coffee filters, glue and googly eyes

-put glue on the tops and sides of the egg cartons and then place in center of the coffee filter, flip it over and press the coffee filter to help it stick, add googly eyes and voilà a ghost

-you could poke a hole in the top and add string to hang it around your home

Worms and Bugs Sensory Bin

WP_20131028_007WP_20131028_009 WP_20131028_008

I’ve seen this idea all over pinterest and had to try it…coloured pasta.  Cook pasta as if you are going to eat it, let it cool and separate into a batch for each colour being used.  Place the cooled pasta, some food colouring and a dash of veggie oil in a ziplock bag and work it/shake it till the colour is absorbed.  Add more colour if needed.  Place the noodles in a bin and add some insect toys, some cups, tongs etc.

WP_20131028_002 WP_20131028_003 WP_20131028_004 WP_20131028_005


Pack the noodles up between play so it doesn’t dry out and play with till it gets gross- enjoy!!

Hammered Shape Pumpkin


So quite a few years back I dated a guy who worked at this swanky restaurant and the owner used to make the best pumpkins-very simple designs but the cuts were so crisp.  The secret was a hammer and cookie cutters.  My girls designed their own pumpkins this year and my husband and I helped to cut them out but with my daycare gang I decided to try using the hammer.

I gave the children a pile of cookie cutters to choose from and they each picked two.  We then scooped out the insides together, played with the seeds and spread goo all over the table.  Once the pumpkin was ready I tapped each cookie cutter (in turn) lightly into the pumpkin so it wouldn’t fall off and then each child hammered the cutter the rest of the way in.  The kids had a blast using the hammer and we ended up with a beautiful pumpkin.

Magic Wands



An easy Halloween party treat minus the treat are these magic wands.  Cut a variety of fruit into chunks and feed onto skewers, top with a hunk of cheese.  I like to use cookie cutters to cut the cheese into fun shapes, some fruit can be cut this way as well for a really cute presentation.  These could be prepared ahead of time or could be left unassembled for a fun party activity.

Happy Halloween preparations!!!


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