Halloween is quickly approaching and we’ve been having a blast preparing for the big day.


Pumpkin Shape Activity

For the toddlers this was a great activity to talk about shapes and facial parts (i.e. eyes, nose …).  They also love to glue, even when there is nothing to stick.

I gave each child a pile of shapes and a plain pumpkin base, we discussed each shape and what was needed to make a face.  After they glued their chosen parts on they decorated with markers.  I imagine with older children the body parts would be in the correct places but it was lots of fun anyhow.

WP_20131022_001 WP_20131022_004

WP_20131022_003 WP_20131022_002


Sparkly Play dough

For this recipe we used my usual cooked play dough recipe but added Halloween colours and sparkle.

Combine the following in a pot

  • 1 cup white flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 2 tbl cream of tartar

Combine the following and add to the pot

  • 1 cup cold water
  • 2 tsp food colour, this time I used tempera paint
  • 1 tbl oil

Mix the two together and cook over medium heat, continue stirring (3-5 mins) till forms a ball, knead on counter till cool (I add in the sparkle at this stage, and also some spices).

WP_20131007_002 WP_20131007_003 WP_20131022_010 WP_20131022_009 WP_20131022_008 WP_20131022_007 WP_20131022_006 WP_20131022_005WP_20131017_001


Egg Carton Spider

As seen in the pictures with the play dough we also made egg carton spiders.  Cut the egg cartons apart and paint black.  You could use pipe cleaners, paper, wooden sticks etc. for the legs.  We used pipe cleaners and so I pre cut holes for the kids as its hard to poke them through on their own.  The last step was to glue on eyes, as many as they wished.

WP_20131022_009 WP_20131016_001

Spelling Salt Tray

This was meant for my girls who are 5 and 7.  Start by making coloured salt (mix table salt and a few drops of food colour in a ziplock bag, I also added some spice for a delicious sensory experience), next place it in a shallow pan.  I provided a paint brush for the writing but you could use your finger as well.  I also made a quick word sheet with Halloween words.  For younger children you could give them cards with squiggly, zig zag, and straight lines to copy.




For a sensory treat we made a slime recipe found over at MamaPapaBubba.  Its seems more like a thick goop then slime but either way its fun to play with and easy to make.

Start with mixing 2 cups of liquid school glue and 1 1/2 cups of warm water, food colouring and sparkles.  In another container mix 1 1/3 cups warm water with 3 tsp borax.  Mix the two solutions together- the reaction is really cool.  Keep mixing and enjoy.   I packed mine up in little jars and topped each with a little toy bug.

 note: there seems to be a bit of debate about using borax and so to be on the safe side I would ensure the kids don’t eat this slime and wash hands when done playing

WP_20131021_002 WP_20131021_001



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