Silky Green Paint

Silky Green Paint


With Halloween approaching I’ve been trying to come up with some ooey gooey activities.  This paint is green and messy but the texture is quite silky.  The kids had a blast feeling this paint and I had to make a few extra batches as they quickly smeared their papers.  My original intent was for the children to make a green gooey background to stick some foam pumpkins thus creating a pumpkin patch.  I did the pumpkin patch craft last year with my girls and got the desired results, but the toddlers were far more interested in smearing the paint and rubbing it between their hands.  Something I’ve learned along the way is that it is ok if the activity takes a different direction then what was planned.  The children were really enjoying a sensory moment and so I went with it.  The pumpkins still came into play though as one child used it as a painting tool, she scooped and smeared the paint with it.  Either way the activity was a blast.

To make the silky paint I filled a pie plate with shaving cream and then mixed in a few blobs of tempera paint.  I have a feeling that the type of shaving cream may make a difference in the consistency of the paint, in the past I used men’s cream and the paint was very thick and left a puffy texture when dried, while the women’s I used this time made a very thin paint which soaked through the paper and dried flat.

WP_20131009_004 WP_20131009_002


Happy Halloween!


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