Milk Jug Ghosts

Milk Jug Ghosts

Recently my daughter has been drinking lots of Kefir milk and so we’ve collected quite a few white 1L jugs.   I knew there must be something we could do with them…milk jug ghosts for Halloween.  I don’t have a lot of space for storage so I don’t buy decorations to be used every year so this project makes use of something we already have which creates less waste in the end (i.e. no new products).

It’s very easy to do, clean the jugs and remove the labels.  Choose the best side and use sharpie markers to draw ghost faces.  I did a few and let my girls do the rest.

WP_20131016_002 WP_20131016_004 WP_20131016_005 WP_20131016_006

I tied some rope to the handle of the jug and the other end to the tree in our yard.  Of course in the dark they won’t show but during the day they are lots of fun.

Another idea would be to cut out the faces, cut a spot on the back side to slide a candle in and you have ghostly lanterns (be careful of the flame).



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