Streak-free Windows

Streak-free Windows

Everyone who knows me knows I hate cleaning.  I agree that it really does feel rewarding when I’ve cleaned the whole house and its sparkly and bright, but within a day you can’t even notice it.  So I usually stick to the most important things like the bathroom and that which you cannot function without doing like laundry and dishes.

I was recently talking to a friend who noticed that her windows were quite streaky and dirty though she had cleaned them recently and she read somewhere to use black tea on windows.  She gave it a try and loved it and so I figured I should to as my windows were last cleaned in the spring.  So it was time for some fall cleaning.  I brewed a strong batch of Tetley black tea and once cooled put it in a spray bottle (can be found in most gardening aisles and at the dollar store).

At first it seemed really weird using the tea and of course the smell is no where close to what you would be used to when using standard window stuff, but it worked.  The outsides of my windows needed to be done twice because of the dirt build up but inside was fast and easy.  The result is very clear and streak free windows.

Such an easy and chemical free way to clean.  I love it and it will likely be my go to window cleaner from here out.

side note- make sure to do all the windows within a day or two-I did one here and one there and of course the bottle got moldy- so do it all at once and then discard the tea

Happy cleaning, let me know if you have any cool DIY window cleaners.



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