Birthday Party

Birthday Party

This past weekend was my daughters 7th birthday party.  I wanted to do something special but also low key, too much excitement makes her a little hard to handle.

For her party we planned only one activity-magic potion!  I made a quick sign with instructions and had the children follow them.  Start by preparing the first solution of vinegar, dish soap (1 tbl) and food colour (few drops) in a small container which is easy to pour.  Put the baking soda (3 tsp) in a larger container with a plate or tray to catch the overflow and then add the liquids to it.  Get ready for a large foamy reaction, the best reaction is when the guests tell you its amazing!!

WP_20131005_001 WP_20131005_014 WP_20131005_013

The rest of the time they played Wii bowling, had snacks (simple selection of fruits and chips), a balloon dance party, and played with some of the new gifts.

The cake was inspired by a Halloween cookbook we borrowed from the library (halloween treats, recipes by Annie Rigg).  Ocean requested strawberry cupcakes with pink frosting and decorated cones on top to look like a wizards hat.  You can make any type cakes you want.  To make the hats melt some chocolate in microwave or on stove top and coat the cones, once the chocolate stops dripping add some decorations.

WP_20131005_007 WP_20131005_004 WP_20131005_024


Hidden inside the cones were a few treats from the bulk barn.

We went pretty simple with the gifts this year.  I like to give a toy, a piece of clothing and a book.  Our girls have way too much in my mind and so I am trying to emphasize that we can have celebrations without lots of gifts, that celebrating should be about having fun/spending time with family and friends.  I am also not a huge fan of wrapping papers and other adornments which are likely to be thrown away and so this year I wrapped her toy with her clothes.  It was pretty easy, just wrap as if using paper.

WP_20131004_005 WP_20131004_007 WP_20131004_006


Looks pretty cute and a great way to waste less.

Keeping in theme with less is more we kept the goody bags simple as well.  I hate receiving gifts filled with items which will hit the landfill almost as soon as they are opened and so we focused on things which will be used or consumed.  My girls are really into writing right now so we gave notebooks and coloured pens.  They also really like blowing gum bubbles so everyone got bubble gum.  A bouncy ball is always fun, and a lolly pop for a little treat.  Lastly since only one friend showed up we added a Playmobil figure.

WP_20131005_009 WP_20131005_011

My daughter decorated her own bags, she was a little impatient but the possibilities are endless.

Overall it was great fun and not too much work.  Now to prepare for my other daughters birthday coming next month.



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