Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities

It’s fall, I love the autumn.  There are beautiful leaves everywhere, nicely chilled temperatures good for wearing hoodies, busy squirrels to watch scampering about, everything about it is amazing.

We’ve been exploring the fall in a few ways.  First we’ve been collecting lots of goodies from nature for crafting such as pinecones, leaves, acorns etc, and of course we have been tasting the fall bounty.

Sensory bins

Our first bin consists of all those things found above, I gave the children some tongs to move the items around/categorize.

WP_20131002_003 WP_20131002_004

Our second bin is fall coloured jello.  This was a blast, the children enjoyed the texture as they squished it, smelled and mixed it.  They were given spoons and little bowls to dump and fill and even when asked if they wanted to stop and go outside (which usually pulls them away from all activities) they remained playing with the jello.  It’s a messy activity but great fun.

WP_20131003_006 WP_20131003_001

Leaf Turkeys

This is a great activity for thanks giving.  Collect some leaves, cut a shape for the body (mine is like a peanut), cut some triangles for the beak, and give the children some googly eyes.

WP_20131007_004 WP_20131007_005 WP_20131007_006

Scissor Practice

After doing the turkey craft one of the toddlers wanted to use the scissors so why not practice with all the extra leaves we brought in, saves paper.


Nature Collage

We did this one at the park, collect some items found in the area (nothing too heavy), spread some paper with glue and stick away.  Older children may make a scene or pattern.

WP_20131002_006 WP_20131002_005


Leaf printing

This last craft I did myself after the kids were done painting and there was quite a lot of paint left on the tray.  I lightly brushed paint onto the leaves we had gathered and gently pressed them onto to paper.  I then cut them out and hung them around my kitchen for some fun autumn decor.  This would also make some beautiful gift wrap.

WP_20131007_008 WP_20131007_011


Hope you’re enjoying the fall as much as I am, don’t forget to jump in some leaves.


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