Taking the time

Taking the time


I’ve written in the past that life was getting really hectic and I didn’t feel that I was able to accomplish all that needed to be done.  It made me feel pretty low and in some ways I sort of stopped trying.  No more morning smoothies, no more morning work out, lots and lots of coffee and lots and lots of headaches.  I of course as many of you give myself way to much to do and have too high expectations.  Put some aside, we don’t need to be super woman.   I seem to have been pulled out of this abyss and think it has to do with spending some quality time with my little ones in nature.  Last week we biked to the river and I really had a chance to feel free, feel lighter, all my chores and to do lists melted away and I truly was able to just enjoy the moment.  After linking the two I decided to return for another dose of health and happiness provided by the outdoors.  Watching my girls play, climb trees and laugh was so healing as was watching the almost magical effect the sun has on the leaves floating down from the trees.

I am a very lucky person when it comes to getting outdoors, I spend a few hours outdoors everyday but failed to really slow down and enjoy it.  Today while sitting in the sun and picnicking with the daycare babies I truly felt blessed, I am not a religious sort as I don’t follow any particular religion but being outdoors really does feel spiritual.

If you can’t get out as often as I do I would strongly suggest taking a small walk everyday to a spot closest to being natural you can find, it may be a park, or treed path, anywhere that you can unwind, feel the sun, listen to the wind/birds, watch critters scampering about.  It truly is necessary.


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