Apple Picking Yoga

Apple Picking Yoga

Well its been quite awhile since I’ve been on here, things have been busy again.  While the little ones nap I thought I’d attempt to show you a few things we’ve done lately.

I am not a certified yoga instructor so if you aren’t sure about the following don’t do it, but that being said the moves are very easy and taken from a children’s book.  We have been doing all things apple related and so I thought it would be fun to try some stretches and coordinate them with things you would see and actions you would do while apple picking.

Have the children spread out and play some relaxing music.  I made some very simplistic drawings for each of the poses I wanted to try, you could also find photos online.   For each pose I showed the children the card, asked them to tell me what it was and then I showed them the move.  Beside each card I’ve shown the coordinating picture from the book I used.

WP_20130919_006 WP_20130919_005 WP_20130919_004 WP_20130919_003 WP_20130919_002 WP_20130919_001


In addition to this I had the children pretend to reach way up and pick apples, then bend down to get the fallen ones.


I used the following book for inspiration, there is a pose for each letter of the alphabet with a little poem explaining the move.  My daughter loves this book and often pulls it out for her own independent relaxation.  A great way to get the kids stretching, building muscles and of course relaxing.




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