Toilet Roll Apple Tree

Toilet Roll Apple Tree

We’ve been doing all things apple related for the last week and I’m really happy with how this craft turned out.  A few years ago my daughter received a eco-friendly craft kit which had a beautiful tree similar to this and so we decided to try it with materials found in the recycle bin.  Here is the original.


For our version we used toilet paper rolls and corrugated cardboard from a cracker container (any hard paper would do).  We left the toilet roll as is, since it already resembles a tree trunk.  I traced the original tree top onto the cardboard but you could draw your own shape, leaving a long piece to go inside the trunk.


Have the children paint or color the tree top. For the apples I crumpled red tissue paper into balls and had the kids dip them into a bowl of glue and then press onto the tree. You could also use stickers, die cut shapes or fingerprints.


Here are the finished products, would be great with fall colours, animals, or flowers as well.



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