Up-cycle old tights

Up-cycle old tights

My girls love tights/leggings but go through them so quickly.  The knees get worn out or the bums get really dirty and so once they have outgrown them they aren’t really in a state which can be donated to others.  Instead of throwing them out we’ve come up with a few fun and easy ideas.  The following would make really cute gifts for friends or siblings and of course to be used at home.

My eldest loves dressing really funky and so we made these awesome wrist warmers, simply take some old leotards and cut off the foot and then cut up the leg at which ever length you want or where ever you run into a hole.  She asked for thumb holes so I guessed where they would fit and cut a little hole.  The project is completely no sew, you could of course sew the edges to make them more sturdy, but this pair in photo has been going for years and has barely run.  For extra fun you could sew on some buttons or shapes of fabric etc.  The pair in question uses the design which was originally on the tights and so we didn’t bother to further embellish them.

WP_20130908_004 WP_20130908_005

We’ve made many different pairs of these and so she can switch them up depending on her mood or wear them as leg warmers.

I was given a gift for Christmas which inspired this next idea.  Cut a length of tight to fit snugly around the wrist and decorate as desired.  We cut shapes out of felt and rummaged through our collection of buttons to come up with this cute bracelet.  You could fasten with a button and button hole but we just sewed the two sides together with a button for decoration.

WP_20130908_002 WP_20130908_001

Lastly we used some of the scraps to create doll clothing.  Shown here is a simple dress, we used the existing trim from the pants as is and just sewed up the back.  Not shown are the many different skirts, infinity scarves and tube tops that we also created by simply measuring and sewing up the back.


If your children are old enough to sew this could be a great independent craft, if not its a fun way for your children to design with help. Either way its loads of fun and a great way of keeping old worn out clothing out of the landfill.



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