Ocean`s Breakfast Smoothie

Ocean`s Breakfast Smoothie


For a few years now my husband and I have been enjoying a green smoothie most days for breakfast.  It really helps us start our day right and is fast and delicious.  My daughters aren’t huge fans of the greenness of them and so together we created a smoothie they could enjoy.

Ocean`s favorite is banana, plain yogurt and honey but due to a recent explosion of eczema we’ve switched to a dairy free option and have added in some other ingredients to help out her skin;

  • banana
  • frozen/fresh berries
  • tbl hemp hearts
  • tbl flax oil
  • small portion of greens powder or handful of fresh greens (spinach etc)
  • unsweetened almond milk or plain yogurt (enough to get the blender moving)

You can adjust the amounts for personal taste and of course add in different fruits (avocado is great) or veggies (cucumbers are good in smoothies).


For the girl who only wants buttered toast in the morning this is a great addition to her breakfast, give it a try its pretty addictive.



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