Frozen Dough/Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play

Frozen Dough/Ice Cream Shop Pretend Play


This is a really easy and fun activity to do either indoors or out.  The kids had a blast and what I thought would be a quick 20mins actually lasted an hour.

For this activity you’ll need;

  • shaving cream
  • tupperware
  • food colour, cocoa powder
  • bowls and spoons
  • sprinkles (I used all my old cookie sprinkles)
  • lots of clothes and towels

You start the night before by making the ice cream dough (which is the shaving cream).  Fill some freezable containers with shaving cream and then dye with food colours.  I made Neapolitan, so one white, one pink (red food colour) and one brown (cocoa powder).  Freeze overnight or for a few hours.

Set up your table with the other supplies and let the kids scoop, mix and sprinkle their ‘ice cream’.  It was fun to see the kids explore with the colours, watch the sprinkles dissolve and combine, and take sundae orders.

WP_20130808_004 WP_20130808_005 WP_20130808_006


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