Farm Activities

Farm Activities

This past week we focused on the Farm as our theme and though we didn’t get to complete all of my ideas I can at least share them with you.


Veggie Printing

We’ve done this in the past and it has always been a blast.  Collect some veggies or fruits and cut off the top or whichever part would make the best print.  We used apple, celery, carrot and broccoli this time around.  Prepare some stamp pads (dampen some paper towel, place flat in a pie tin and smear with paint), put out the chosen veg and some paper and let the children explore.

The youngest stamped and smeared the veggies on their paper, my 4 year old made a beautiful abstract painting, while my eldest made a scene with hers.

WP_20130813_001 WP_20130813_002


Small World Farm

We have a few different farm sets and so I grabbed a few items from each, enough to have most of the obvious farm animals ready.  To create the small world I saved some cereal and cracker boxes and cut them to create different sized trays, I then covered the bottoms with some old rice I had and some grass from the backyard to create pens for the animals.  I also saved some toilet rolls which I cut in half to create troughs.  Here are some pictures of what it looked like.

WP_20130814_005 WP_20130814_004 WP_20130814_003 WP_20130814_002 WP_20130814_001

Lemonade Stand

Have a lemonade stand, its lots of fun creating everything needed (posters, lemonade, cookies).  My eldest really enjoyed getting everything prepared for the big day, she was in charge of packing the bag (cups, plates, napkins, tongs, change) and the cooler (ice cubes, lemon wedges).

We made a simple batch of lemonade- juice from 2 lemons, a few tbl honey, and water.  This is a great opportunity to learn about money and customer service as well as proper nutrition.

We all had fun, sampled our goodies and of course made some money.

WP_20130812_006 WP_20130812_002


Popcorn Craft and Snack

Start by letting the children touch the kernels and discuss how they feel (hard, smooth etc.),  next make popcorn on the stove and let the children see what happens as the pan gets hotter.  If the children are old enough you can try a variety of toppings and make it a snack.  Unfortunately I forgot to take pics but I had the kids make a craft with some of the popcorn.  Give everyone a piece of paper shaped as a corn cob (have older children cut out their own), a bowl of white glue and a handful of popcorn.  Have them dip the popcorn into the glue and then onto the cob, you can also have them cut and glue some husks onto it.

Some other ideas

  • visit the farmers market
  • set up a pretend farmers market with play food, cash register, grocery bags etc.
  • read farm related books
  • sing farm related songs
  • wash all the pretend veggies and fruits from the play kitchen (good outdoors if its a hot day)

Overall the activities were well received.



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