Emotion Balloons

Emotion Balloons

There have been a lot of emotional outbursts at home lately, my calm easy going little one has hit the terrible almost fives (not sure where terrible 2s, 3s and 4s went).  We’ve read books and talked about it etc. and most recently we made emotion balloons.  Drawing on balloons is a lot of fun to begin with and this gave the girls a chance to express themselves without being on the spot and having to talk directly about their own feelings.  I soon found out that the balloons were sad and a bit worried about going back to school, after JK being a stressful situation for my little girl I sort of guessed this was the issue.

To make emotion balloons all you need is a lot of balloons and a variety of sharpies.  I did not give instructions about drawing emotions only asked the girls to draw some faces, the emotions came naturally.  I tried not to prod them too much, they openly discussed what was being felt, i.e one balloon was shocked about another balloon popping.  Here are the girls and a few balloons they made;

WP_20130807_028 WP_20130807_029WP_20130807_034 WP_20130807_033 WP_20130807_031 WP_20130807_030


Keep smiling!


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