Colour by number or addition, subtraction, sight words and rhyme

Colour by number etc.



I’ve been trying to get the girls ready for back to school and so a little reviewing was in order.  To make it fun I created some colour by _____ (use your imagination).  You can either create your own drawing, use one from a colouring book or look online for some.

For my 6 year old I did some simple addition as well as some rhyming word sheets and for my 4 year old I did some with numbers and sight words.  Create a legend somewhere on the page explaining what each colour represents.

for example

red-rhymes with cat

blue- me

green- 4 + 6 or do the opposite, give a number and then place equations throughout the drawing

orange- 15 – 5


Here are some of the girls sheets (they rushed through their colouring but at least did some math etc;)




WP_20130806_001This last one I made for the 2.5 year old in my daycare though she didn’t quite grasp the concept she coloured it anyhow (not shown).




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