Cheerios Bird Feeder

Cheerios Bird Feeder

Today my girls and daycare friends made simple bird feeders from Cheerios, sticks and rope.  I chose these materials as they would leave no garbage behind after the birds were done eating, though it could be done with pipe cleaners as well.  It turned out to be the perfect snack time craft as the children nibbled and created at the same time and it would have made a great outdoor craft as well, but we left the park early due to a bo bo.


The two eldest used a long piece of thin rope with a knot at one end to create their feeders while the toddlers used thin sticks which we found at the park (I tied a knot at the end of the stick to make threading it easier).  We sat in a circle and carefully threaded Cheerios onto the strings and sticks, when done I created a loop from the rope so they could be hung from a tree branch.

It was fun to see the little ones master the difficult task of stringing the Cheerios and is also a great way to help them care for our backyard friends.

WP_20130807_002 WP_20130807_020 WP_20130807_021



Hopefully we will get to watch our little friends while they snack, enjoy!!




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