Ocean Sparkle (snow) Globe

Ocean Sparkle Globe

Awhile ago my daughter was watching the Ocean Room on TVO kids and they were making this wonderful little Ocean globe.  It looked like loads of fun and was perfect for our theme of Under the Sea this week so we tried it out.



SuppliesWP_20130723_008 - Copy

  • mason jars
  • pebbles
  • shells
  • fish tank plastic plants
  • gems
  • fish figurine or other aquatic animal
  • glitter glue
  • sparkles
  • pitcher of warm water
  • food colour

I hot glued the plant to the lid of the mason jar ahead of time and then had the children squeeze a large glob of glitter glue into the jars.  Next we added the warm water and stirred with spoons until the glue broke up and we were left with sparkly water.

Next add the shells, pebbles, toys, gems and sparkles to the water.  Lastly we added one to two drops of food colouring to make the water blue.  Put your lid on (you could hot glue the lid on to make it extra secure) and you have a beautiful underwater world to admire.


For other Under the Sea crafts check out our Paper Plate Beach and Jello Ocean Sensory Bin.


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