Sensory Jello Ocean

Sensory Jello Ocean

This week’s day care theme is ‘Under the Sea’ and so our Jello Ocean sensory bin was created.  Its pretty easy to make and the kids had a blast mushing all the jello, adding water to see what would happen to the ocean, and playing with the sea creatures.

Start with some blue jello, I just spooned it into the bin.  We also made purple jello but we decided to freeze it to add a different texture to the ocean.  Add some aquatic figurines to the ocean and your ready to explore, you could also add shells, marbles, rocks etc.

WP_20130723_009 WP_20130723_011 WP_20130723_010


Though it ended up being a sticky mess the children had lots of fun!!  For more ‘Under the Sea’ ideas check out our paper plate beach.


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