Paper Plate Beach

Paper Plate Beach

This is an activity my daughter really enjoyed from Kindergarten so we did it again at home and with our day care children.  It is Under the Sea theme this week and this craft is perfect.

Pack a bag with;

  • paper plates
  • blue paint
  • foam brushes
  • fish stickers or any under water stickers
  • glue sticks

We did this craft at the park.  Start by painting half of the plate blue, then cover the other side with glue stick.  Have the children carefully sprinkle sand on the glue and shake off the excess.  Add fish stickers and done!

My eldest decided to add a maple key as a bird flying over the sand and you could also collect greenery to glue onto the beach.WP_20130722_002 WP_20130722_003 WP_20130722_004 - Copy


3 thoughts on “Paper Plate Beach

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