Vehicle Theme Week

Vehicle Theme Week

This past week in my home day care we had ‘Vehicle Week’.  Besides going to park and wading pool we did some of the following activities; (thank you to No Time for Flashcards where I found most of the ideas)

  • Big Car Wash

We started by making signs for our car wash-grab some paper, markers, stickers etc.

WP_20130715_002 WP_20130716_003 WP_20130716_004


Next we set up all of our big ride on toys with some buckets, water and some rags.  I chose not to use any soap since my daughter has sensitive skin and I didn’t want any of the toddlers ingesting soapy water.

WP_20130716_018 WP_20130716_010 WP_20130716_009

Everyone had a blast and our first attempt at this activity kept all kids busy for an hour, plus we all cooled off in the 40C weather!  This idea could also be used with toy dishes, doll clothes, little people etc. the possibilities are endless.

  • Car Track Painting

Collect a pile of cars, trucks, toys with wheels-spread some paint on a flat surface (tray) and have the children drive the cars through the paint and then onto paper.  Try to get an assortment of sizes to get different looking tracks.

WP_20130721_002 WP_20130721_001

  • Construction Sensory Bin

I collected a few small construction toys and cars and put them in a bin with beans and buttons.  I also added some scoops and bowls.  Anything you have on hand could work for this type of project.  The children enjoyed sorting items, scooping and dumping and of course helping clean up the spills on the floor.


  • Chalk City

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do this activity, but the plan was to have the children draw a city on the sidewalk with chalk and then use whatever toys with wheels they could find to drive around the city.


Have fun!



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