Summer Workout

Summer Workout

Last summer I worked really hard, mostly by doing a daily yoga routine I found in a magazine and lots of walking and biking with my girls, and by the fall I was looking pretty good and was maintaining a healthy weight.  I actually maintained it through most of the winter as well and then kinda forgot about it.  After bathing suit shopping I’ve decided it’s time to start making the time for myself again.

This year I’m trying something new and so far have had good results.   After only one week I’ve lost two pounds and am more toned almost everywhere.

Check it out here for all the info and videos of each move to see how to do them correctly

Do 3 circuits of each, resting for 2-3 minutes each

Day 1

Pushups x 10 reps

Chair squat x 12 reps

Jack-knife x 10 reps

Vertical Leg lifts x 20

Supermans x 12 reps

Day 2

Pushup crawl x 10 reps

Walking lunges x 20 reps

Side Planks x 30 seconds each side

Fire hydrants x 10 reps each leg

Day 3

Tricep Dips x 12 reps

Single-leg squat with leg raise x 10 per leg

Mason Twists x as many as you can perform in 60 seconds

Toe Taps x as many as you can perform in 60 seconds

Bird Dog x 10 per side


I’ve also started drinking water with a tbl of apple cider vinegar and the juice of half a lemon every morning, I’ve heard that it helps with weight loss as well.


enjoy your summer




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