‘Get things moving’ Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce

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Recently both of my girls were feeling a little ill, one couldn’t get things moving-as in no pooping happening.  I couldn’t get to the store to get any of the recommended things such as apple sauce and so ‘get things moving apple sauce’ was invented.  Basically it is just apple sauce with added flax.

to serve 2 little ones;

  • peel and cut 2-3 med apples
  • simmer on med heat with enough water to cover the apples
  • once apples are slightly soft discard the water
  • process in a food processor or blender
  • add juice from half a lemon, a few Tbl ground flax, 1/4tsp vanilla

options/add ins

  • make it raw, don’t simmer the apples just blend-might need to add something liquid to it, soaked dates would be nice
  • play around with the types and combinations of apples used
  • spices i.e. cinnamon, nutmeg
  • dried fruits


Even if things are moving well its a tasty snack, enjoy!



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