Last Day of School Party

Last Day of School Party

My eldest daughter has been feeling very sad about school ending, mostly because her favorite teacher will be moving to a new school.  So I decided to put together a quick last-minute party for her.

I hung a few streamers with balloons in the back yard and drew a few fun summery notes and things on the drive way for her to read.  Lastly I prepared a special snack.  We haven’t had home made cookies in awhile mostly because my baked goods need to be toddler approved (the toddlers in my care do not eat sugar or chocolate), so I whipped up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Next I prepared some fruit infused water, we don’t drink a lot of juice so this makes a healthy and tasty substitute.  Basically you add any fruit choices you want to a pitcher of water, we drank this all last summer and sold it at our “lemonade stand”.   I used raspberries and lemons this time.  Put about a cup of frozen raspberries and juice from one lemon into a pitcher of water and then mash the fruit leaving a few larger chunks.  When you serve the water it’s also fun to add a few frozen berries instead of ice cubes.  Add a tray of cut up fruit and you have a quick party snack.

Though my daughter was still sad, my efforts did cheer her up a bit and of course my youngest who is excited about summer holiday loved it!




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