Teacher Gift- peppermint foot scrub

While scanning recent pins on pinterest I found a wonderful recipe for peppermint foot scrub and thought what a great idea for an end of school teachers gift. Now that kindergarten has gone full day and since my daughter is in french immersion she has 8 teachers/support staff and my other daughter has two teachers. 10 gifts total seemed somewhat daunting and since I didn’t want to get gifts that would end up in the landfill and don’t feel like spending $100 on gift cards I thought this was the perfect gift. I always love homemade things and this is especially useful for the time of year.

Unfortunately I cannot find the original pin again but the recipe is as follows;

1 cup of sugar
oil of choice – add enough till the sugar is moist but still grainy (we used safflower oil but I imagine any could be used)
few drops of peppermint essential oil (could switch this also, maybe orange or lavender)


WP_20130622_004 WP_20130622_005

WP_20130622_006 WP_20130622_009

Write out some little cards and attach with ribbon or string.  Great scissor and writing practice!!

WP_20130624_004 WP_20130624_010

Now bring it to school but make sure to save some for yourself.  We actually had a hard time not eating it all and decided it would taste great on a chocolate cookie, after all the ingredients are edible.


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