Four in the bed and the little one said, “time for a sleep over”

For the past week or so we have all had a rough time sleeping.  A heavy schedule and many nighttime interruptions have made for some very tired little and big people around here.  So I decided it was time for another sleepover.  In our house sleep overs with mom (me) are usually saved for nights when my husband will be out late playing a gig but with all the lack of sleep we needed to fit one in.


My girls were both co-sleepers when younger and my youngest still joins me in the middle of the night, the eldest sneaks in from time to time.  My husband is not a co-sleeper so by having a sleep over with my girls he gets the bed to himself and the girls and I get a night of cuddling and hopefully no middle of the night interruptions.


We usually blow up a double mattress and put it in the girls room for the three of us.  Some nights we will do each others hair or nails, others we will play games and read stories.  This time it was a popcorn and video sleepover.  We all really love these special nights of bonding and cuddling.


Good night!!



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